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Welcome to my College recruiting page!


Hello my name is Meredith Brown.  I am a pitcher from Scripps Ranch California.

I have a 4.25 GPA (straight A's) 31 on my ACT and scored 196 on the PSAT's as a Sophomore.

Please enjoy my videos. 

My 2009 video was added Nov 29.  The first 4 minutes show me going through all my pitches the next 8 minutes show game footage. 

Video 1 was my first attempt at a recruiting video.  Video 2 is a 5 minute synopsis of a game I pitched at 16U ASA Nationals 2008. 


Click on the thumbnail (picture) to play video

Meredith's college video 2009 THE TRAILER

(The one minute version of the college video)

Meredith's college video 2009
Meredith's college video 2008
This summer 2008 So Cal Breakers 16U qualified for Nationals.  The following video is one of the games I pitched.  I edited it down to 5 minutes of pitching and fielding.  I pitched 18 innings at Nationals, allowing 4 runs, 3 earned.  Hope you enjoy the video.


San Diego Renegades

Coach Don Portugal

(619) 987-4253

  #55 Class of: 2011

High School:

Scripps Ranch High School

10410 Treena School

San Diego, Ca.  92131


GPA: 4.25  PSAT 196 ACT 31


2009-Present:  San Diego Renegades (Portugal)

2004-2008 Thunder/Breakers Coach Steele

ASA 'A' 16U "A" ASA Nationals - 17th

ASA 'A' 16U "A" ASA Nationals - 33rd

ASA 'A' 14U Western Nationals - 5th

ASA 'A' 12U "A" ASA Nationals - 13th

ASA 'A' 12U Western Nationals - 3rd

2004 ASA 'B' 10U ASA Nationals - 3rd


Primary Position: Pitcher

Pitches: Curve Drop, Change, Screw ball, Rise

Pitching Coach: Bill Corbett







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