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Videos we have done.  I started doing videos about 1999 after watching a Joe G. production.  Joe told me he did them because what better present could he give kids than something they could watch forever.  Rachel and Mere have started doing their own videos now.  Here they are, hope you enjoy them, I imagine you are watching them, well, because you are in them.


Featured Videos


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Family videos, misc.
Rachel and Mark Meredith video

Just where you're leaving

My houselights show 2005  Our desert trip to the Calcite mines in 2001  
Desert trip 2001
Mere and Katie, Jan 2009
4ever movie
House Lights 2010, Mr. Grinch

Meredith's softball
Meredith's 8U team
Mere's 2002 Rec  Ball Team, Firestyx Firestyx
 Mere's Thunder team, 12U age 11. 2005 thunder video My new video, this is a beta version of Meredith's Thunder years. 
Meres 10U team   Meres 9U Allstar team video 9U Team
Meredith's Thunder College send off video    

Rachel's softball
Rachel's 2002 12U team video,
problem in middle, need to fix
Rachel's 2003 12U team video
Renegades 16U Nationals (Rachel) 18U Thunder (Rachel)

Scripps's High School softball
SRHS Falcons 2006 SRHS Falcons 2007
 Falcons 2008
High School video of the
2008 season
Falcons 2008 video

KUSI Westview KUSI Mission Hills


Harvard Videos

Some of videos need either quicktime or VLC ( )


Some people are having trouble with these videos, you can right click on them, download them and then play them on VLC or Quicktime, but

I plan on redoing them to make them simpler.


Harvard vs KU 7th
Harvard KU 7thHaley's HR against Townson 
Haley HR
Towson 7th inning win 3/7/09 Towson 7th inningThe feared Pledger warm-up swing Pledger warmup
FAU 9th inning 3/9/09 (might need Quicktme or VLC to play video) FAU 9th inningHarvard cheers Harvard cheers
Senior Day 2009 Harvard Introductions and Star Spangled Banner at home, mp4 format
Senior Day 2009 (Windows media format) Harvard Introductions and Star Spangled Banner at home, wmv (Windows media)





Umpire Training video Rachel createdTraining


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