Meredith Brown



Building a Carrom board.  First step is to read how to build a Crokinole board on .  Go to the How to Build.  They do a fantastic job describing how to build a Crokinole board.  I have built 4 Crokinole boards, although I have not done the circular outside, instead doing a octagonal arrangement.

But, there don't seem to be as good as instructions or plans for Carrom bards, so I though It would put in my plans.

First the dimensions.  The dimensions are given in several sites, but in a written form, not in a design form.  I cannot be sure these are correct but I feel pretty confident they are.


Now for some photos of the project:

I did complete inlays, no drawing or painting.  I ask for few concessions because of that.  The center circle and the line circles are supposed to be red.  Oh well.  I can deal with Birdseye maple instead.



Making the rose inlay.  I once again turned to the web for help on this. or

Mr Hendersen has fantastic directions on making the compass rose.  It ended up a lot easier than I imagined. I found walnut easy to work with, birch easy, the birdseye maple tough to cut but didn't split and mahogany awful.  The walnut and birdseye were a good combination.






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